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 Each audio file represents a single taunt which is played at certain events. Only files with the correct file names will be recognized as taunts, other files will be ignored. For a list of recognized file names, see [Taunts]. We might extend the list of used taunts in the future, so it might make sense to record a few additional taunts besides the currently recognized ones so they might be used in future.
-Here is a guide with advice on the process of recording voices itself:
+Importat links:
- * [https://www.hedgewars.org/node/2132 Recording Voices for Hedgewars]
+ * [Taunts]
+ * [https://www.hedgewars.org/node/2132 Recording Voices for Hedgewars] (guide)
 == Special voicepacks ==
 The voicepack “Default” is the English default voice.