LuaGears: Explain nImpactSounds
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LuaGears: Explain nImpactSounds
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  * `Radius`: Effect or collision radius, most of the time
  * `ImpactSound`: Sound it makes on a collision (see [Sounds])
+ * `nImpactSounds`: Must be used together with `ImpactSound`. Number of different impact sounds to use. `0`: Disable impact sound. `1`: Use sound selected in `ImpactSound`. `2` or higher: Uses a random impact sound each impact. The first possible sound is `ImpactSound`, the second possible sound is `ImpactSound+1`, and so on. For example, if `ImpactSound` is `sndHellishImpact1` and `nImpactSounds` equals 4, the impact sounds will be `sndHellishImpact1` to `sndHellishImpact4`
  * `Tint`: Used by some gear types to determine its colorization. The color is in RGBA format.
  * `Boom`: Used by most gears to determine the damage dealt.