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 ==== <tt>!GetTeamName(teamIdx)</tt> (0.9.24) ====
 Returns the name of the team with the index `teamIdx`. `teamIdx` is a number between 0 and `TeamsCount-1`.
+==== <tt>!GetTeamName(teamname)</tt> (0.9.24) ====
+Returns the team index (number between 0 and `TeamsCount-1`) of the team with the name `teamName`.
+==== <tt>!GetTeamClan(teamname)</tt> (0.9.24) ====
+Returns the clan ID of the team with the given `teamName`.
 ==== <tt>!DismissTeam(teamname)</tt> ====
-Removes the team with the given team name from the game.
+Vaporizes all the hogs of the team with the given team name in a puff of smoke.
+This function must not be called while it's the team's turn.
+==== `SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label])` (0.9.24)` ====
+Set or remove a label for the team with the given team name. The label is a string and will be displayed next to the team's health bar.
+If `label` is `nil`, the label will be removed.
+There's a special case: If the AI Survival game modifier is active, the AI kill counter will be replaced by the custom team label if it has been set. If `label` is set to `nil`, the default AI counter is shown again.
+Use this to display a score, power value or another important team attribute. There's no hard length limit, but please try to keep it as short as possible to avoid visual clutter.
 ==== <tt>!GetClanColor(clan)</tt> ====
 Returns the RGBA color of the chosen clan by its number. The color data type is described in [LuaAPI#Color].