GearTypes: Clarify TimeBox tag
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GearTypes: Clarify TimeBox tag
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      * `3`: `Power` decreases by 1 every 32 ticks, until it reaches 0, at which `Pos` advances to `4`. If the timebox is starting the time-travel, `Timer` is set to a random value (for the return time). It the timebox was returning, the timebox gear is deleted after this
      * `4`: `Power` is unused
  * `Tint`: RGBA color (default: clan color)
- * `Tag`: Will be set to 1 if the hog dies, took damage or moved before it could enter the !TimeBox. If this happens, using the timebox will fail and the hedgehog won't go into time-travel
+ * `Tag`: Will be set to 1 if the associated hegehog dies, took damage or moved before it had a chance to enter the !TimeBox. If this has happened, the timebox usage has failed, and no time-travel will occur. The timebox will just go away without the hedgehog
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