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Translations: Update special character info
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 The group `02` is special because texts can be repeated here. These texts are used for event messages like the death of a hedgehog (`02:00`). Hedgewars will randomly use any of these messages in the same group. Each language can have its own set of messages for this. Translations can be rather flexible here.
 In `02`, you don't need to translate every English message, but try to do your best. It is OK to omit messages if a direct translation wouldn't make sense (e.g. for weird English idioms). You can also invent your messages which are more appropriate for your language. If you're in a hurry, you can just add single a single message for each of the `02` groups (`02:00`, `02:01`, `02:02`, etc.), but don't forget to finish it later.
-In the `04` and `05` groups, you can use two special characters:
-The `|` character is used as a line break.
-Also, for each line, all text written before a colon (`:`) including the colon itself will be highlighted.
+In the `04` and `05` groups, you can use a couple of special characters:
+ * `|`: Adds a line break
+ * `:`: Highlight itself and all text before that chracter in this line. Only the first colon in a line counts. The colon is visible. If the colon is the final character in a line, it must be followed by a space for highlighting to work
+ * `::`: Like above, except the two colons will be hidden.
+ * `\:`: Literal “:” (escape sequence)
+ * `\|`: Literal “|” (escape sequence)
 Don't forget to test these texts in-game to make sure everything looks fine.