Updated mask values
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Updated mask values
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   * Red pixels will be indestructible terrain (regardless of game mode settings)
   * Black pixels will be terrain with background texture applied (Note: Adding any black pixels removes erasure protection from areas where the map.png is solid but the mask.png is transparent) - 0.9.17+
   * Blue pixels will be ice - 0.9.17+
+  * Green pixels block portals - 0.9.18+  They are defined as "bouncy" in the code, although this functionality is not implemented, and could be susceptible to change.  If bouncing is implemented and the green pixels should only block portals, place a dotted line of single red pixels a few pixels above the green, spaced a few pixels apart.
-  * [http://hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/share/hedgewars/Data/Maps/Blizzard/mask.png Mask]  of [http://hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/share/hedgewars/Data/Maps/Blizzard/map.png Blizzard Map]
+  * [http://hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/share/hedgewars/Data/Maps/portal/mask.png Mask]  of [http://hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/share/hedgewars/Data/Maps/portal/map.png Portal Map]
 (Transparent areas may not be recognizeable as such in your browser/image preview program, so open e.g. in [http://www.gimp.org/ Gimp])