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GearTypes: Fix Tag info
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 Sticky flames have the gear state flag `gsttmpFlag` set, non-sticky ones haven't.
- * `Tag`: Current animation frame (0-32)
+ * `Tag`: For sticky flames, this determines the burning time (higher = longer). Burning time in ms = `3000+1500*Tag`. This also sets the “direction” of the animation. If the last binary digit is a 0, the animation is played forwards, otherwise its backwards. `Tag` is initialized with a random value between 0 and 31.
  * `Health`: Size of the flame. Non-sticky flames starts at 5 (largest) and become smaller as they destroy land and damage gears. All flames die when they reach a health of 0.
  * `FlightTime`: If set to `0`, this flame can damage hedgehogs and other gears even in mid-air. Otherwise, flames don't do damage while they are still falling. By default, the `FlightTime` is a huge non-zero value.
  * `Boom`: Damage and size of destroyed land (default: 2). Sticky flames always deal `Boom` damage, non-sticky flames deal either `Boom` or sometimes deal 3 times this value as damage.