Escape “FrameTicks” once again
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Escape “FrameTicks” once again
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     DeleteVisualGear(vgear) -- Delete the newly created visual gear.</code>
-=== <tt>!SetVisualGearValues(vgUid, X, Y, dX, dY, Angle, Frame, FrameTicks, State, Timer, Tint)</tt> ===
+=== <tt>!SetVisualGearValues(vgUid, X, Y, dX, dY, Angle, Frame, !FrameTicks, State, Timer, Tint)</tt> ===
 This allows manipulation of many of the visual gear values. Calling `GetVisualGearValues` first is recommended on most visual gears unless you are controlling all the key values. In the case of `vgtCircle`, the visual gear values are mapped as follows.  X, Y: position.  State: radius. Timer: Thickness.  !FrameTicks: pulsation speed (0 to disable).  dX, dY: min/max pulsation opacity (0-255). Tint: colour, RGBA.
 Most visual gears require little to no modification of parameters.