Add GetFlightTime and SetFlightTime
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Add GetFlightTime and SetFlightTime
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 Returns radius for the specified gear.
 === <tt>!GetGearVelocity(gearUid)</tt> ===
-Returns a tuple of dx,dy values for the specified gear
+Returns a tuple of dx,dy values for the specified gear.
+=== <tt>!GetFlightTime(gearUid)</tt> ===
+Returns the `FlightTime` of the specified gear. The `FlightTime` is a gear varialbe used to store a general time interval. The precise meaning of the `FlightTime` depends on the gear type.
+For example: The `FlightTime` of a hedgehog (`gtHedgehog`) is the time since they last have stood on solid ground. For most projectile gear types (i.e. `gtShell`), it stores the time after it has been launched.
 === <tt>!GetGearElasticity(gearUid) </tt> ===
 Returns the elasticity of the specified gear. Useful for determining if a hog is on a rope or not. If a hog is attached to a rope, or is busy firing one, the elasticity of the rope will be non-zero.
@@ -609,6 +614,9 @@
 === <tt>!SetGearVelocity(gearUid, dx, dy)</tt> ===
 Gives the specified gear the velocity of `dx`, `dy`.
+=== <tt>!SetFlightTime(gearUid, flighttime)</tt> ===
+Sets the `FlightTime` of the given gear to `flighttime`. The meaning of `FlightTime` is explained in the section `GetFlightTime`.
 === <tt>!SetAmmo(ammoType, count, probability, delay, numberInCrate)</tt> ===
 This updates the settings for a specified [AmmoTypes Ammo Type] as of count available for players, spawn probability, availability delay in turns, and the number available in crates. This is supposed to be used in the `onAmmoStoreInit()` event handler.