ThemeFiles: Remove redundant SDClouds
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ThemeFiles: Remove redundant SDClouds
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 === `SDClouds.png` ===
 Sudden Death version of `Clouds.png`. If missing, `Data/Graphics/SuddenDeath/SDClouds.png` is used.
-=== `SDCloudsL.png` (0.9.23) ===
-Optional horizonally mirrored version of `SDClouds.png`. If present, this image instead of `SDClouds.png` is used when the wind blows the clouds to the left.
 === `Flake.png` ===
 Contains a sprite sheet of 64×64 images. A flake is a background image which rotates and falls from the cloud line, flows with the wind and it can optionally be animated. This file is only for the flakes before Sudden Death. Each image in `Flake.png` is also called a “frame” (as in “animation frame”).
 The game will cycle through each frame in order (for each individual flake).