LuaEvents: add version note to onCaseDrop
Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:09:05 +0100
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LuaEvents: add version note to onCaseDrop
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 == <tt>onNewTurn()</tt> ==
 This function calls at the start of every turn. You can set `ReadyTimeLeft` here to change the ready time for this turn. (See also: `Ready`)
-== <tt>onCaseDrop(gear)</tt> ==
+== <tt>onCaseDrop(gear)</tt> (1.0.0) ==
 This function calls between two turns right after the moment at which the game *might* drop a crate according to the game scheme settings. It does not matter if it actually wants to drop a crate.
 If a crate was dropped, `gear` is the crate gear that was dropped, if no crate was dropped, `gear` is `nil`.